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2019 Fall Mountain Region League Team Registration


Welcome to the Aspen United 2019 Fall Registration​

This registration session will allow you to register your child (or children) for FALL Soccer. You will input player and parent information and submit payment. You may register more than one child at one time. You may pay in full for registration or choose to pay in three installments (at no extra cost). Your child will automatically be placed into an age group based on their birth year (see birth year information below regarding what age group they will be in). Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Checking account information available.

Medical Release Forms will no longer be uploaded during registration. Team managers will distribute forms and then collect them during the first week of practices.

Head Shots and Birth Certificates or Passports are now required to be uploaded directly to your accounts. This needs to be done prior to the start of the season. Many of you with returning players have already completed this task. If you have not done this and your child is a returning player to Aspen United, they already have a gotsoccer account and you can upload the headshot and birth certificate or passport at any time. Please let me know if you need log-in information to that account. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW GOTSOCCER ACCOUNT WHEN UPLOADING HEAD-SHOTS AND BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

If your child has not played for AUSC, they will have a gotsoccer account created once our registration closes and they are rostered to an AUSC team. At this point, you will receive a request to upload these documents.

If your child has previously played for another soccer club, you will need to ask that club to release your child before they can be rostered to an AUSC team.

If you are requesting a scholarship, please click on the link below where you can fill out the online application and upload a copy of your 2018 Tax Return/Form 1040. More information regarding scholarship can be found under the scholarship tab on the main page of our website.

Registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE except in the case of relocation and season-ending injuries (if a player plays at least two-thirds of the season when they become injured, there will be no refund. Season-ending injuries must be documented with information signed by a medical doctor). If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance (unrelated to relocation or season-ending injury) requiring a refund, please email us for a review of your circumstances by the AUSC Board of Directors.

Fall Practice Schedule

Fall 2019 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
August 19-23 All Club All Club All Club All Club
Iselin 5:15-6:45 Iselin 5:15-6:45 Iselin 5:15-6:45 Iselin 5:15-6:45
August 26- Nov 8 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
U12 Boys Rio 4:-5:30 Rio 4:00-5:30 *8/29 Practice will be held at Lower Moore 5:30-7 **9/19 Practice will be held at Lower Moore 5:30-7PM Iselin 5:15-6:45
U12 Girls Rio 4:-5:30 Rio 4:00-5:30 *8/29 Practice will be held at Lower Moore 5:30-7 **9/19 Practice will be held at Lower Moore 5:30-7PM Iselin 5:15-6:45
U15 Girls Iselin 5:15-6:45 Iselin 5:15-6:45 Iselin 5:15-6:45
U15 Boys Premier Iselin 5:15-6:45 Rio 5:30-7:00 * 8/28 Practice will be held 4:30-6:00 PM Iselin 5:15-6:45

Registration Fees (scroll over to see all age groups)

U12 U15 U19 U12 Practice Player** U15 Practice Player** U19 Practice Player**
$550 $550 $550 $250 $250 $250

Late Fees

•Beginning August 1, prices will increase by 50$
•Beginning Sept 15, prices will increase by 100$

Payment Plans Are Available

Payment plan option is available when you check out. 

Scholarship Information

Practice and Game Schedules

Practice schedules are posted on the website. These schedules are subject to change at any time until the start of the season.

  • U10's practice twice a week for 60 minutes each session
  • U12's U15's and U19's practice three times a week for 90 minutes each session

Game Schedules will not be available until the end of August. All teams will play a total of 8 games - four home games and four away games. 

Team Options and Colorado Soccer Association

Aspen United Soccer Club teams currently play in two different leagues offered through Colorado Soccer Association (CSA). Typically, all teams in both leagues play eight games. Games can begin as early as August 26 and can go as late as November 12. All teams in both leagues will be expected to play in at least one tournament during the season. Some teams play in two tournaments. There is an additional cost associated with playing in tournaments. 

Mountain Region League (MRL)

The majority of our teams compete in the MRL. MRL consists of teams located in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Western Slope. Travel can included trips to locations such as Telluride and Steamboat.

MRL provides competition in two different levels of play for each age group. 

Premier Division: This introductory level of competitive play is designed for those who want to develop their skills though better competition. Players are selected based on ability and skill level. Teams who participate in this division require more commitment with regard to traveling for games, a more demanding practice schedule, tournament schedules and expenses. This division will have promotion and relegation between fall and spring. Teams will be selected through application process ** Certified Referees Only

Developmental Division: This division is designed for players who enjoy the sport for the social aspect of the game while developing their skills through practice and games. Teams are formed through assignment of all interested participants to a team. Travel will be required. Teams are encouraged to participate in tournaments. 

Advanced State League

CSA Competitive leagues are composed of advanced teams participating at higher levels of competition. Within the Advanced League, there are three leagues with varying levels of competition: Colorado Champions League, Centennial League, and the Secondary League. 

The Colorado Champions League is an application-based league, the Advanced League Operations Committee determines placement. 

The Centennial League is comprised of teams that are placed by their clubs' recommendation. 

The Secondary League is a league for 8th graders who lose their teammates to the high school season, due to their age based on the new US Soccer birth year mandates. 


Age Groups by Birth Years

U10 U12 U15 U19 Girls Only
2010 2008 2005*8th Grade Only 2001
2011 2009 2006 2002
20057 2003
2005*9th Grade Only

Information Regarding Age Groups and Team Placements

Female players with a 2005 birthday will be placed on a U19 team if they are enrolled in high school (Fall Only).

Female players with a 2005 birthday will be placed on a U15 team if they are enrolled in the 8th grade.

Male players with a 2005 birthday who are enrolled in 8th grade will be placed on the U15 team.

Male players with a 2005 birthday who are enrolled in 9th grade must play on the U19 team (Spring Only).

Heidi Godomsky